fredag 17 maj 2013

Människans slaveri och rättfärdiggörelsen genom tron allena.

Satt och lyssnade igenom Theocracys skiva "As the world bleeds". Det slog mig att det finns en del väldigt bibliska låtar på denna platta. Inte nog med att musiken är bra så är många av låtarna bra.
Skivan öppnar med en låt som heter "I Am" Som beskriver lite om vem Gud är och om samvetet som vittnar om rätt och fel. En annan låt som heter "Hide in the fairytale" Talar om människans medfödda slaveri. Man talar om förbannelsen som kom genom Adam.
Man argumenterar med att man aldrig behöver lära barn att ljuga utan det lär de sig automatiskt och att oavsett hur gulliga de är till det yttre så är man under syndens förbannelse.
Men ger ett annat exempel om en man som älskar sin fru och barn men gör ett litet snesteg och nu börjar lögnerna och knivarna att fara för att skydda sig själv.
Låten avslutas med att säga att "människan är inte under slaveri" är en saga och en föreställning.

I en annan låt så går man vidare med att förklara evangelium. Man beskriver Luthers kamp mot det dåliga samvetet och om hur inga goda gärningar eller bikter kunde ta bort hans börda. Han hade gjort allt i sin makt för att finna sann rättfärdighet men ingenting fungerade tills den dagen Gud öppnade hans ögon. sanningen om Guds rättfärdighet tog bort syndabördan över hans liv.

Allt talar om evangelium om Jesus Kristus han som kan frälsta oss i från syndens börda och all fördömelse försvinner när vi är i Kristus eftersom Jesus har gjort allt för oss.

Sedan kan man tycka vad man vill om headbanging och sättet folk beter sig på när man håller konserter, spelar för berömmelse och ära osv.
Man jag måste nog säga som Paulus "Jag gläds när evangelium förkunnas på ett eller annat sätt"

Texterna :

Hide in the fairytale

A child in sweet duplicity
For innocence? Or slavery to nature
And the bents that haunt him straight out of the womb?
He doesn’t have to learn the things unseemly that his instinct brings
To carry like a burden from the cradle to the tomb
You’ll never have to teach him how to lie
If we are born in innocence, well, don’t you wonder why?
For selfishness already dwells inside
The birthright of Adam, the curse of the old man

Day and night
Jekyll and Hyde in the fairytale
This is much more frightening
Darkness and light
Feed the new man and tear the veil
See the old man dying

Behold the loving family man
Who tries to do the best he can
And loves his wife and children even more than his own life
But just like that, a wandering eye leads to a suffocating lie
And selfishness and deep betrayal cuts them like a knife
If mankind doesn’t have a sinful drive
Then tell me why he’d wreck his life to get some on the side?
The warring of two natures deep inside
Starving the new keeps the old man alive

Soul-sickness nailed to a cross

Day and night
Jekyll and Hyde in the fairytale
This is much more frightening
Darkness and light
Feed the new man and tear the veil
See the old man dying

Humankind in innocence, a lie so thinly veiled
Man born without soul-sickness: this is the fairytale
Hide in the fairytale


I’ve been working for my whole life to get to the other side
And try to achieve true righteousness
All the scourges and whips I cracked
The flesh I ripped off my back
It only led me to emptiness

Here I am, a broken man who’s done all that a man could do
And found that it’s only filthy rags
Monasteries, religious schools, indulgences, laws and rules
It all added up to nothing and darkness and death
Vanity, Heartache, and emptiness
Efforts all fading away
The flesh and defeat that it brings
‘Till You guide me and show me things
That my eyes have never seen before
As I burst forth from the belly of the beast
Never fight it anymore
For the burden on my life has been released
Nail it to the door

Solo: Val

Nailed these ninety-five things I’ve learned
They’ll say that I must be burned
For God has no place for heretics
All the things that they try to sell
It’s trickery straight from Hell
To turn it into a den of thieves

See these madmen peddling the wares of dead men’s souls
Collecting on a debt already paid so long ago
There’s fire in my spirit, and fire in their eyes
For now they’ll want to burn me alive
Yet freedom rings
Unworthiness is all I bring
The blood of Christ is all I claim
This grace revealed everything
That my eyes have never seen before
As I burst forth from the belly of the beast
Never fight it anymore
For the burden on my life has been released
Nail it to the door


I am the light upon your path when you have lost your way
I am the footprints in the sand the ocean's tide can't wash away
I am the shelter from the storm that rages on and on
The incorruptible foundation that the wise man builds upon
I am the bread that feeds a starving man upon the street
I am the bounty on the table in the palace at the feast
I am the rain upon the earth after a scorching drought
I am the quenching of the thirst you never thought you'd be without

I am the melody that weaves its way inside your soul
I am the symphony, the masterpiece, the actor's greatest role
I am the poetry that speaks to you with every rhyme
I am the songwriter who seems to write your life in every line
I am the simple truths that shaped your world from your birth
I am the vast volumes of knowledge spanning all across the earth
I am the whisper of the wind you feel, but cannot see
I am the alpha and omega, first and last, eternally

I AM You cannot see me
I AM The resurrection and the life, the doorway and the vine, I AM
I AM You cannot touch me
I AM The bread of life, light of the world, long before Abraham, I AM

[Lead Break: Val]

I am the trusting child whose simple faith is ever sure
I am the parent's love, unchanging, unconditional and pure
I am the loyal friend whose heart will never let you down
I am the hand that pulls you back into the boat before you drown
I am the thunder and the glory and the blinding light
I am the still small voice that tells you what is wrong and what is right
I am the sacrificial lamb a guilty world reviled
I am the father ever waiting for his lost and wayward child

I am the heart of the righteous desire and the fourth man you see in the midst of the fire
I am the giver of life and promise of Israel
I am the hope of the lonely and lost in the blood running down to the foot of the cross
I am the breaking of chains and the tolling of freedom's bell
I am the notes that eternally ring in the music too holy for angels to sing
[. From: .]

I am the fire on the altar consuming the sacrifice
I am the three and yet I am the one in the grace of the Father and death of the Son
I am the one who redeemed you by paying the highest price

I am grace and mercy, I am sacrifice

I am endless glory, I am light and life
I am long-awaited hope of Israel
I am longing sated, prophecy fulfilled

I am from the beginning of time, and I am sustaining the system of life
I am symmetry, reason and rhyme, and I am conviction that cuts like a knife

I am the author of order and flow
I am the Father of Lights: watch me put on a show!
I am the seeker of all gone astray
I am the keeper of souls 'til the end of all days

I am power, I am glory, I am love's unending story
I am justice, I am honor, I am hope and living water
I am righteous, I am holy, I am three and one and only
I am sovereign, I am faithful, everlasting, I AM that I AM

[Solo: Val]

I am humility, the one who laid it all aside
Traded a crown of kings for a crown of thorns, betrayed by human pride
I am humanity, took on your curse and all your pain
I am divinity, eternity, forever I remain

I am your guilty scars, as Roman solider tear my back
I am the crimson stain that washes all the souls faded to black
I am the one who bled in silence and endured it all
I am the Word who spoke no word, with a thousand angels waiting for my call

I am your covenant - your hero in these bloodstained pages
I am your guild, your sin, your debt fulfilled for all the ages
I step into your shoes, your substitute
Your sacrifice
Your raison d'etre
Your second chance
Your breath of life

I am the joy of angels dancing in the streets of heaven
I am the sinner's prayer for mercy and a past forgiven
I am the lamb upon the altar dying willingly
All hope that was
All hope that is
All hope to be