torsdag 29 december 2011

Kristuskirkke i Danmark.

Här om dagen fick jag ett e-mail i från Kristuskirkke i Danmark.
Deras lokala tidning Viborgs folkblad hade sett deras skylt på huset och velat göra en intervju med deras Äldste broder.
De samlas alltså i hemmen och driver gudstjänst där men när de satte en skylt på huset att deras kyrka ligger där hörde alltså tidningen av sig.
Allt som Mortensen sade kom inte med i tidningen men ändå en bra bild av evangelium finns med och den har dagligen 20.000 läsare.
De har nyligen översatt artikeln till engelska och jag klistrar in den här:

Christ Church on Gyvelvej

A “new” church in Bjerringbro has a worship service every Sunday in the home of Henrik Mortensen on Gyvelvej.
Every Sunday about 25 people gather together to worship in Christ Church on 1 Gyvelvej in Bjerringbro. The independent church has existed for two years, but only recently the official sign was put up at the address, where Henrik Mortensen also lives.
“As long as we are not more people, we can stay here. But if we get to 50 people every Sunday, we must find a bigger place,” he says.
From day to day, Henrik teaches history and Classical Studies at Bjerringbro high school, but he is happy to open his home for the weekly services in the church. Henrik Mortensen is cofounder of the congregation and one of the most frequent speakers behind the movable pulpit. “We set up the chair and the pulpit in the living room. Most often I preach, but there are two others who also preach regularly”, he says.
In the church there is no need for either altar or baptismal font. “We have just had a wedding ceremony, but then we borrowed the premises. But no, we have no need for a baptismal font, because we don't baptise the children,” he explains.

Man is a sinner

Christ Church is a Reformed Baptist Church, where the most important thing is preaching the Word of God. “Our central message is that man is a sinner. We are guilty before God, because we have broken his commandments. God is absolutely righteous; therefore he is going to punish our sins. And God punished Jesus in our place. Jesus died for our sins,” Henrik Mortensen explains and continues: “We believe that there is only one God and that Jesus is the only way to God. Therefore Allah is an idol. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and we take the word of God seriously. We worship God in the way he has determined – the one described in the Bible”.
Therefore Henrik Mortensen also doesn't think that all are automatically born as God's children: “You can become God's child by turning from your sins and trust in Jesus. We do not become God's children by being baptised. We instead believe in disciple-baptism.

Not show-business

Henrik Mortensen in some ways compares Christ Church to the Danish State Church 500 years ago. “God's Word is the most important. Without the preaching of the Word, the church will die. A worship service is not entertainment; we have no dancing or theatre. If so, the church gets to look like the world outside, where you can visit the cinema instead,” he says, and refers to the Bible: “The second commandment says that you shall not make any graven image of God. That means you are not to worship God in a way you yourself invent, but you are to do what it says in the Bible.”
The founders of Christ Church have earlier been associated with other independent churches and Henrik Mortensen is happy that it has been possible to establish a faithful congregation in Bjerringbro. “We also have members coming from some distance away. I have been Reformed Baptist for many years, but I attended Lutheran Mission independent church in Randers, because there was no church for Reformed Baptists earlier.
There is no ambition in the church of acquiring a certain number of members. Rather the ambition is to offer the message of the gospel to people. “Without God man is lost. But all is welcome in our church also if they are not Christians. When we receive guests we rejoice at the opportunity to tell the gospel. Also if only once. The Word must be sown before it can get out.”